About Us

купить Кекс Грязи Uncommon Sentience is a bit of a play on words from the often misused attribute of "Common Sense." It fits the premise of our development work here. Giving a type of limited sentience to devices and projects is the goal of our teams. Making them smart, almost self determining machines is the goal. Adding a tiny brain to anything that lends itself to becoming closer to autonomy is the aim. Enjoy yourself while you are here.

Экстази Мдма Пилсы Севастополь Founded in 2010 by one engineer (who designs electronics) and one engineer (who drives model railway trains), the focus was initially on incorporating brains into applications that suited model railroads and railways. Branching later into other fields of hobby work, the sky is the limit. Projects are in the background all the time and being tested, evaluated and polished before release here. Be patient. Our next project might be the one you are waiting for.

follow link We offer a place where engineers, technicians, DIY aficionada and hobbyist can all assemble and work on projects in small teams of people interested in developing unique and useful devices. We incorporate brains in the form of embedded controllers into existing technology or develop new ways to accomplish tasks. Join our group and watch or leap into the fray and volunteer for a project. You'll have fun along the way, we promise.